You’ll welcome us aboard

Aspida’s security personnel are as unobtrusive as they are expert. Following a detailed audit of your vessel – if they are not already familiar with it – they will board without fuss and be briefed on specific details of the transit.

If they are armed, their firearms will have been serviced, checked and certificated before embarkation. Apart from that, standard equipment will include satellite telephones, night vision goggles, first-aid kits, body armour and more. Everything they need to protect your crew, cargo and ship.

Of course, the last thing we want is any kind of attack in the first place. So our team will harden the vessel in compliance with or exceeding BMP4. Anti-piracy training will be given to your on-board staff and we will follow standard operating procedures in case pirates are sighted or in the unlikely event that they should manage to board.

Teams normally number three or four, subject to a pre-transit risk assessment. Our operatives maintain a strict shift pattern so you and your crew are never left unguarded.

If you’d like to know more about how our operatives are equipped, just contact us.

We require from our guards to have at least four years of military experience or equivalent experience in the Maritime Security occupation. Except from the mandatory documents, any other relevant military and security diplomas and trainings are highly valued.

A. Standard Documentation

-Army Discharge Paper

-Criminal Record


-Seaman’s Book


-National ID

-At least two Reference Letters

B. Medical Examination

-Drug & Alcohol Test

-Psychiatrist Examination

-Treadmill Examination

-Seafarer Health Certificate

-Vaccination Card

C. Training and Certificates


-FPOS/Red Cross First Aid